Slightly differnt way of holding the reins, unknown up to now: another kind of 3:1 : the left "snaffle"rein between thumb and indexfinger of the right (!) hand, the right "snaffle"rein by the left (!) hand!

This prevents the pulling around of the horse by the inside rein, as only the desired "shoving" against the outside part of the neck is possible for turning the horse..


I think, every beginner/retrainee repeatedly should ride in this way, as with a sole simple snaffle-bit the change of the 2 reins and subsequently leading them crosswise is possible, too!

(The crosswise leading of the reins even single-handed on a sole curb-bit is shown by the Marc Aurel-monument below.)

Rein-leading: crosswise 2:0 on a sole curb-bit (or expressed differently: single-handed left, crosswise led, on a a sole curb-bit).

(Original in the  Musei Capitolini, Rome, 2. Century a. Chr.; copy-cast on the Piazza del Campidoglio. The gilded bronze statue didn't get molten down only because for centuries it was believed to show the christian emperor Konstantin).

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